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SCCI Labs: Powered by Young Researchers

Social Computing and Collective Intelligence Lab, abbreviated as SCCI is a research lab in the CSE Department of IIT Ropar. The lab is headed by Dr. Sudarshan Iyengar, Assistant Professor at IIT Ropar. He obtained his doctorate from Indian Institute of Science Bangalore. As members of the lab, there are students pursuing Ph.D., Research Assistants, Undergrads and Interns. The research focus of the lab is mainly on Social Computing and understanding the dynamics of Knowledge Building through Collective Intelligence.

Research Areas

Knowledge Building

Understanding the evolutionary dynamics of Knowledge Building.

Collective Intelligence

Analyzing the significance of Collective Intelligence.


Exploring the potential of Knowledge Building through Crowdsourcing.

Social Network Analysis

Anlysing real world complex networks

Multiparty Computation

Understanding the security and privacy aspects of Social Networks.

Computational Social Sciences

Using computational techniques to understand cognitive sciences.


NPTEL Courses from our LAB

The Joy of Computing

Teaching Assistants: Amit Kumar Verma, Simran Setia

Discrete Mathematics

Teaching Assistants: N Soujanya, Ravikiran P

Social Networks

Teaching Assistants: Ravikiran P, N Soujanya

Deep Learning

Teaching Assistants: Neeru Dubey, Amit Kumar Verma

Internship Opportunities

Internship at SCCI

We are providing research internship opportunities for the studens who are interested in the topics of Data Science

Our Culture

The research in our team is not limited to Complex Networks and Social Network Analysis, but also covers Cryptography, knowledge building, Indian Caste reservation and a lot more. The team is not restricted to a particular domain of knowledge but is interested in doing any project that is mentally challenging and calls for a number of exciting brainstorming sessions.

We see research not as a profession but a way to live a fulfilling life. We have a complete spectrum of young intellectual minds. We laugh, play, watch intellectual movies, read books and do a large number of activities, which help us increase the quality of our research. We live more like a family. Our professor, whenever visits a place, brings back lot of gifts for us. We are one of the wonderful research teams of IIT Ropar.

Collaborative research is our major strength. Every individual in the team possess a unique ability. A mind may be good at reading, writing, expressing, observing, or understanding. Malgudi is the unity of all these powers. It’s less of a research team, but more of a new heavenly world, where an educated minority resides with an aim to take the world one step ahead.

We organise Book Reading Clubs every Friday. This club is mainly for reading the popular science books. The words of wisdom by the great scientists fills our minds with inspiration. It also inspired our younger generation and teaches them the value of education.

Our team

Dr. SRS Iyengar

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Social Networks, Knowledge Building and Computational Social Sciences

Akrati Saxena

Research Scholar

Research Interests: Complex Networks, Social Network Analysis and Machine Learning

Varsha Bhat Kukkala

Research Scholar

Research Interests: Multiparty Computation, Social Network Analysis

Anamika Chhabra

Research Scholar

Research Interests: Crowdsourcing, Knowledge Building and Social Networks

Amit Kumar Verma

Research Scholar

Research Interests: Knowledge Building via Collective Intelligence and Data Science

Simran Setia

Research Scholar

Research Interests: Knowledge Building and Social Network Analysis

Ravikiran P.

Research Assistant

Research Interests: Knowledge Building, Collective Intelligence and Graph Theory

Shubhada Aute


Research Interests: Graph Theory and Knowledge Building

Soujanya N

Research Assistant

Research Interests: Knowledge Building and Education Technology


Dr. Rishi Ranjan Singh

Assistant Professor, IIT Bhilai

Research Interests: Complex Network Analysis, Combinatorial Optimization

Dr. Yayati Gupta

Research Associate, IIT Delhi

Research Interests: Complex Networks, Social Network Analysis and Machine Learning

Jaspal Singh

Research Scholar, Yale University

Research Interests: Multiparty Computation, Social Network Analysis

Vaibhav Malik

Software Developer, Zomato

Research Interests: Crowdsourcing, Knowledge Building and Social Networks


Summers turn out to be the most productive season for our lab. This is the internship time that allows a large number of BTech, MTech and graduate students to brainstorm and come up with an enormously large number of creative ideas. The strength of the team easily reaches to 40 intellectuals during this period. This period is also very productive in terms of the research publications.

If you want to join our team, feel free to drop a mail.

Indian Institute of Technology Ropar, Nangal Road, Rupnagar, India 140001